The Royal Regimen



SILICARICH® Natural Mineral Water

DEFEND is the ammo to fend off the beat down effects of go-late urban weekends and go-hard adventure lifestyles. A rich source of natural silica, calcium, magnesium and other minerals builds your body’s defence ahead of the “more please!”.

SOURCE: Drawn from a protected water source in the national park of High Tatra Mountains with only naturally occurring minerals and trace elements. This alkaline PH water is oxygenated to assist in mineral suspension.

Silica – Rich Water

Support Immune System

Silica can boost and supports immune system and help keep our artery walls flexible. Can help also protect against allergies, promotes wound healing and makes stronger blood vessels and increase their flexibility.

Silica and Bones

When it comes to our bones, silica has several uses. Most importantly, it reduces bone breakdown and stimulates new bone formation. On the inside, silica is one of the trace minerals your bones must have to improve their strength and density. In other words, you can think of silica as the structural glue holding our bodies together.

The “Beauty Mineral”

Silica is sometimes called the “beauty mineral” because it improves and promotes strong, shiny hair as well as healthy nails and youthful, elastic skin. Also can protect our body against wrinkles.

The Purpose

In anticipation of giving it to the weekend, fill up your tank before you hit the road. With the medium amount of minerals per litre within our regimen, DEFEND® is a rich source of protective natural silica. It also contains higher amounts of naturally occurring calcium, magnesium and other minerals. We capture the unique mineralization of this secluded aquifer, 577-feet deep, as we bottle our water right at the source.

The Stats

Defend - Water Nutrition Facts

Naturally Rebalanced
Naturally Sparkling From The Source
Natural mineral water, carbon dioxide
Fluoride ION:
<0.3 ppm
Silica Content:
Si (as H2SiO3) – 96.24 mg/L
2259 ppm
High Tatras, Slovakia
Best Enjoyed:
Store in a cool dry place + serve chilled at 7-10° C

Enjoy Royal Beneficials® DEFEND all day, especially after physical activity.

Drink up.
You rule.