The Water in our Underground Spring Fell 27,000 Years Ago.

A Tritium analysis conducted by Charles University in Prague revealed that rainwater fell in the High Tatra Mountains about 27,000 years ago. That same water now flows 3,000 meters underground. It runs 30 kilometers before rising to the surface at the crossing of two lithospheric plates in North-Eastern Slovakia, where we bottle our Royal Beneficials Water.


Long before our current day, a few keen minds believed in the healing properties of water and naturopathic remedies — they had it right.

One of them was Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi. Sisi was known all over Europe for her elegance and strict adherence to natural beauty routines. The water source of BALANCE® was named after the Empress herself.


Layers of rocks and sediment naturally protect the BALANCE® water source. This ensures its purity and balanced mineral composition which gives our water its perfect taste.

We bottle our water directly from a 250-foot deep underground spring. 


The water source of DEFEND® has a long history, which spans nearly 200 years. During this time, the water was bored, sold and enjoyed by people all over Europe.

This unique water was even exported to Canada and the U.S. in the early 20th century. There have been numerous studies and articles that mention the exceptional mineral properties in the water from this particular mineral spring.


The water in DEFEND® originates from the protected underground water spring of the High Tatra Mountains. The unique mineralization and natural carbonation is a result of the hydrogeological structure of the mountain range.

We access this underground spring through a borehole that stretches 577-feet deep and transport it straight to the bottling facility.


There are numerous studies from the 19th century that indicate water from this spring is highly mineralized and has therapeutic effects. The quality and benefits of mineral water from the RESTORE® water spring has been acclaimed by doctors, specialists and prominent personalities in world history.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, enjoyed the water from the mineral spring and had it shipped to her directly from the bottling factory.


Restore’s distinctive Mineral water is sourced from the Heart of Europe. The mountain spring is surrounded by Eocene (pre-historic) clay stones and sandstone that helps to naturally filter our water.

We access this underground spring through a borehole that stretches 330-feet deep and transport it straight to the bottling facility. This spring is known throughout Slovakia as the “Natural Healing Water Source” for its pure composition.